Designed to Accelerate Your Team

Team building is a process of working collaboratively with others to achieve goals. Team building training often involves activities that solidify social relations and define roles of team members. It is always more beneficial when team members ‘buy in’ and understand and believe in their team.

Teamwork is the key to success in most realms of life and work. It’s about commitment to one another and is most successful when the team’s members assess themselves honestly and consistently strive to do their best. When that happens, there’s no limit to a team’s accomplishments.

Team training obviously involves teamwork. But it’s different than team building. It’s about improving efficiency rather than interpersonal relations.

Think of tug of war, a contest in which two teams pull against each other at opposite ends of a rope. The object is to pull the opposite team your way to a mark on the ground that makes your team the winner. Your team may not be stronger person-for-person than the other. But, because your team is more efficient and you all pull together, you win.

Ideally, your team gets along really well and everyone likes each other. Not necessary though. If your team is efficient and, even better, a breakthrough team, that’s far more important than personality contests that often cause problems anyway.

If everyone likes each other and pulls together, that’s a win-win. It’s still a win-win when, personalities aside, everyone still pulls together. It’s not a win-win if even one team member doesn’t pull with the rest, adversely affecting the team’s efficiency.

Develop Your Elite Team

Our Elemental Edge Training team has firsthand knowledge of team training built on the legacy of SEAL Team training. SEALs are elite members of elite teams performing ongoing custom team training to meet the demands of their profession and to protect and preserve our precious way of life.

We can provide the same type of ‘tip of the spear,’ custom team training for your organization. We’ll work with you to best determine what custom team training you need, then develop the plan and timeline to execute it, simply and boldly, in order to meet or exceed your expectations.

Custom team training to improve efficiency, brought to you by experts in custom team training. And did we mention that we conduct it in a way that makes it safe and fun, while learning at that same time? It’s results driven and will improve efficiency.

That’s our promise to you. Are you ready?