Bringing Our Expertise to Your Stage

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker, we are happy to oblige. We’ll tailor our speech to your audience and capture the essence of your meeting. We’re familiar with many services, industries, ideas, and trends. We do our homework to support your issues and your audience to make the speech worth everyone’s time.

We can mold our keynote speech into whatever you want so it’s unique and distinctive for your audience. Our job is to weave our message into your program in a memorable and fun way. We’re providing an important theme to set an underlying tone and summarize the core message of your event.

If you’re looking for an inspirational speaker who can share life experiences, knowledge, and motivate others to take action or change their lives, we can do that too. The Elemental Edge Training team has a wide variety of field expertise and unique experiences to share. Our stories are your stories, with simple, but profound, transformational messages and takeaways. It’s helpful if you know in advance what type of speech you’d like us to present. Please consider the following first, then contact us and tell us what you want. We’ll make it happen.

Demonstrative Speech

We’re educating your audience. The speech may include visual aids and a demonstration, so the emphasis is on exhibiting a process using objects or physical activity, showing how to do something or how something works.

Informative Speech

Similar to a demonstrative speech, but does not necessarily include a demonstration. It’s fact-based and we intend to teach your audience about a specific topic. We may include slides, photographs, visual aids, and vivid detail. We aim to make our topic, even if complex, easy to understand. Or, we may offer a different point of view.

Persuasive Speech

We’re trying to persuade your audience that the personal opinion we’re expressing is correct. Our goal is to convince your audience to accept all or most of our expressed view. We’re trying to change your audience’s mind. Alternatively, our persuasive speech can take the form of actuation, meaning we’re causing your audience to do something, to take some action. Lastly, it can take the form of stimulation to enhance buy in of our idea when it’s lacking or needs a kick start. We’re trying to stimulate your audience and make them more enthusiastic about our view.

Entertaining Speech

Our goal is to amuse your audience.

We strive to be entertaining with all our speeches, but in ways that you’d prefer and that achieve the objective. We can do that. Contact us and tell us what you want.