Leadership is the power or ability to lead other people.

To lead is to be in charge or to take command. To be the lead means to be an example for others to follow. Good leadership involves leading other people in a way that sets an example and encourages them to follow.

“Leadership requires finding equilibrium in the dichotomy of many seemingly contradictory qualities between one extreme and another. By being aware of these seeming contradictions, a leader can more easily balance the opposing forces and lead with maximum effectiveness.”

~ Retired SEAL Jocko Willink from Extreme Ownership: How US Navy SEALs Lead and Win

Is Leadership this Complicated?

Leadership development is designed to train future leaders and make existing leaders better. It exists in various forms, often with a curriculum or activity. Today, one can earn a PhD in Leadership or Leadership Development. Practical application includes the activity of leading. The services provide all who serve with leadership development training and the opportunity to lead.

Good leadership and leadership development begins with followership, one’s ability to actively follow a leader. Good followership qualities are often acquired and learned from others and include self-management, commitment, competence, and courage.

To become a good leader, one must first be a good follower. Followership development is often less formal and more activity-based in nature. Working with good leaders provides excellent opportunities to develop good followership skills.

Expect to Lead and Be Led, Even When You’re in a Position of Leadership.

Leadership development enhances the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles and is key to personal and professional success. It’s a ‘people’ process designed to build human capital: the skills, knowledge, and experience one possesses, and its value to others, organizations, and society.

Human capital is more important than hardware, software, laptops, tablets, cell phones, and all the other peripherals and distractions that, well… aren’t human.

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