The Four Pillars of Elemental Edge Training
The foundation of how we build and strengthen your team.


Pillar 1: Leadership
Lead, follow, or go home.

Pillar 2: Teamwork
Task before ego, team before self.

Pillar 3: Communication
Communicate always with respect.

Pillar 4: Character
Be accountable for our actions.


“The way Bill teaches people about mental tenacity is that it all starts with your mind. Being ‘in the moment’ to focus on the task at hand instead of everything else that’s going on inside of your life.”

– Andrew Meader
SO1 (SEAL), U.S. Navy


Individual connections take work and require patience, compassion, camaraderie, focus, strength (physical and mental), and perseverance. Teamwork takes on a whole new meaning when you connect people, and build your dream team with our help and expertise.