Teamwork is the Key to Success in Most Realms of Life and Work.

Teamwork requires people to check their egos at the door, be humble, communicate effectively, and resolve conflicts by consensus or quorum.

Breakthrough teams achieve the extraordinary, and over time they seem to do it as if it were ordinary and the norm. Think of products that have worldwide appeal. Groups of athletes or sports teams that everyone admires. The Breakthrough Collaborative, and its programs across the United States and Hong Kong, affect positive change in urban schools by offering high-potential, under-served middle school students the opportunity to participate in rigorous academic enrichment programs throughout the summer and school year.

Breakthrough teams don’t just happen. They take commitment, high achievement, and endless determination to succeed. They require exceptional collaboration. They have an insatiable desire to welcome and take on new challenges, make important discoveries, and then share them. Breakthrough teams positively impact others and society at large.

At the core of breakthrough teams are people, many of them common people with an uncommon desire to succeed. Some are forged by adversity. Humble. Honorable, with uncompromising integrity. Their word is their bond.

Task Before Ego, Team Before Self.

Members of breakthrough teams are consistently committed to high achievement and success, something bigger than themselves. For example, Breakthrough Collaborative, whose classes are taught by talented, high-achieving high school and college students who are interested in the field of education. If successful, they become candidates for professional teaching and educational leadership positions after college.

Breakthrough teams are high performance: agile, high energy, and extremely resilient. The path to their achievements may be long and winding, but their breakthroughs are often sudden and dramatic, their discoveries life changing.

Imagine a world where everyone enjoys the benefits of breakthrough teams, enabling us all to live with dignity, equality, and justice as envisioned by the Breakthrough Generation.

Our experts at Elemental Edge Training comprise a breakthrough team. We know how to build breakthrough teams, quickly. We can help you build yours. Let us show you how.