The path to success, to become a special Operations Warrior, is winding and elusive. Many choose to follow that path, but only handfuls succeed to become the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine elite.

Why? Despite much more common knowledge of the many requirements, and innumerable books and articles by former Spec Ops warriors sharing their secrets, tips, and tricks, the historical success rate for all of these programs has changed little.

What It Takes

How do you succeed as a Spec Ops wannabe? What truly enhances your opportunity to succeed in these pipelines, fraught with booby traps designed to test your mettle and trip you up along the way?

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

Successful training as a Spec Ops wannabe requires you to have done rock solid, preparatory physical and mental conditioning programs for several weeks, or even months, before pursuing your path. The design of those programs should identify and develop the skills and attributes you need and include: endurance, leading and following, teamwork, effective communications, accountability, and the ability to perform under intense stress and fatigue. For example, being cold, wet, and miserable, with no sleep, and people other than your friends in your face telling you that quitting is the best option, especially when things seem really tough. If the only easy day was yesterday, and the present is horrible, how could tomorrow possibly be any better?

Self-Starters Welcome

Even self-starters with great work ethic need better training. Our Elemental Edge Training team has developed a comprehensive program of experiential learning which includes:

  • Focus and arousal control
  • Goal setting
  • Mental control of pain and discomfort

We know what you need and we help you overcome your limitations. We test your physical and mental limits. We provide direct and immediate feedback, and detailed ‘report cards’ identifying your Spec Ops strengths and areas for improvement.

Rest assured that we are thorough and carefully pre-screen all attending. Risk assessment and management is in place too, before and during our training. And, unlike the actual pipeline, as a Spec Ops wannabe attending our training, we respect ‘training time outs’ and see them as opportunities for you to learn and grow now, not when you’re in the pipeline and it’s too late, no second chance.


You must be qualified in all respects for the Spec Ops program(s) you’re pursuing. You will also be required to have proof of insurance and sign a Hold Harmless Agreement.