Your Breakthrough Team

“In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product, and profits. Unless you’ve got a good team, you can’t do much with the other two.”

~ Lee Iacocca

If talent management is a science, then what we do for you is art and science, backed up with years of experience.

Talent management uses strategic human resource planning to improve business value. It works when corporate teams and organizations reach their goals.

We build and strengthen your talent individually – and as a group – with our customized and action-oriented training, inspiring you to achieve excellence through personal challenge. We do that with the people and teams you already have and wannabes you’re looking to bring in, work cross-functionally, move up, or all of the above.

Our Approach is Holistic: Mind, Body and Spirit. The Whole Person.

Mind+Body+Spirit = Equilibrium

Higher Consciousness = Higher Awareness

Equilibrium+Higher Awareness+Higher Achievement = Better Talent

Your approach and ours. Put them together for real success.

Think of us and our approach as the laboratory that develops the embryo, which creates the talent solution you need for your breakthrough corporate teams.

When your newfound talent leaves our lab, it’s up to you to manage that talent. We offer follow up if you need it.

We work with medium-to-large size companies to strengthen their teams and their commitment to the company’s mission, vision, and philosophy. To find and foster individuals’ talents that you manage with or without our assistance after attending one of our workshops.

We also identify areas for improvement and the existence of silos. We break down barriers, or at least identify them so you have talent that’s all in, all the time. No ‘secret’ cells of employees that work autonomously and fail to integrate their efforts with others.

We emphasize and weave our 4 pillars of Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, and Accountability into your training. We teach a Navy SEAL mindset, which your newfound talent embraces and uses, consistently.

You Win. Your Corporate Teams Win. Your Organization Wins.

That’s our promise to you: developing the talent for breakthrough corporate teams that grow the bottom line holistically, financially, and as an organization.

Are you ready to work together to incorporate our program into yours for more talent and a stronger talent management program? Contact us to get started.