Physical & Mental Attributes for Success

“I would rather have 10 well trained, highly motivated green recruits than 100 seasoned cowards.”

~ Colonel Aaron Bank, the father of U.S. Special Forces

The road to becoming an Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, or law enforcement special operations warrior is long and winding, filled with countless potholes that bring even the most capable to a screeching halt.

First, there’s the physical, mental, and moral requirements just for consideration. About one in five men and women meet these. Waivers may help you overcome some hurdles, but only a few. You have to be pretty much ‘squeaky clean’ to get a look.

Next, there’s the competition. All the other wannabes from across the nation and the world, competing for the same highly specialized, sought after, and prestigious jobs. The competition comes from all walks of life, and the talent pool is beyond comprehension.

Then there’s more screening once you sign on the dotted line, put on the uniform, and start basic training which precedes your special operations warrior training.

As if you didn’t jump through enough hoops already, there’s more in basic, before you get to your special operations school house.

Finally, there’s the special operations warrior training itself. Best to ignore the statistics and attrition rates; the numbers are mind boggling. Forget about mapping out a daily plan to succeed, because, by design, training changes all the time. Part of what makes it ‘special,’ and tests your adaptability, a base requirement to be a special operator.

The physical requirements to succeed are clearly identified and achievable for any well prepared spec ops wannabe.

Why Do So Many Fail?

Barring any unforeseen anomaly, the road to success is 95% mental, and the remaining 5% is physical.

Our team of experts help you identify and hone the physical and mental attributes you need to ensure your success.

If you’re already fit, we can help you attain the physical attributes you need in 16 weeks or less. If you’re not, it may take 6 months, or even a year, but if you’re willing to hang in there, it’s worth the time and effort.

Developing the mental attributes takes most people about six months. Like physical exercise, it requires consistent focus and attention, and doing your homework. If you follow our prescriptions for both, you’ll know how to succeed.

Special Operations isn’t for everyone. We’ll be blunt and honest about that. If it is for you, we’ll tell you, then we’ll help you develop the head-to-toe tools you need to be successful.

To be someone special, and to serve with honor, courage and commitment. We’re here for you and will help map your road to success. Let’s get started.