Accountability is Character

Pop culture is full of iconic men and women who stand up for what’s right and work hard to earn their results. We think of them as being men and women of character. They know what is right and what is wrong, and they follow through with what they have to do because of it.

But, what exactly is Character? More than that, how is it developed? You see, character doesn’t just happen. It has to be grown over time. Every time you make the right decision when the wrong one was easier, every time you push yourself a little farther than you thought you could go, every time you hold yourself accountable when no one else will: you are developing your character.

Accountability is character.

That’s why accountability is one of the Four Pillars in our training at Elemental Edge. Our programs are tough, but only because we know you can handle it. We help athletes gain a competitive edge, individuals to become leaders, and organizations to come together as a stronger team. We can help you too, but you have to bring one thing with you: accountability.

If you leave that at home, you might as well not show up. If you can’t hold yourself accountable for your performance and mindset, you might be tempted to hand us some excuses. We don’t accept them.

We will accept your excellence because we know it’s within you. All you have to do to tap into the best part of yourself is accept that it’s there, then push to find it. You never will if it’s buried under a pile of excuses and worry.

You see, people can become overwhelmed with anxiety when they’re not practicing accountability in their daily lives. There are a lot of reasons for this:

Accountability Helps to Accomplish Tasks

Without it, you can easily get behind on your goals and responsibilities. That’s because it’s too easy to make an excuse to do the work another day or to shortchange the process of getting something done. Someone with an accountability mindset knows this will only grow into bigger problems down the road.

Mistakes Haunt You Without Accountability

We live in a society that likes to play the blame game. Instead of owning up to a bad situation, many people simply pass the blame along to someone else. You can’t do that with an accountability mindset. Chances are you weren’t the only one to blame, but no one ever has hands that are completely clean.
When you run from your mistakes it always feels like they’re an inch behind you. When you own up to them, you can turn failure around and make it a success.

You Cannot Know Who You are Without It

Character, like integrity, is knowing who you are and acting accordingly. You cannot know who you are if you will not hold yourself accountable. It’s easy to become lost in this world if you don’t have a strong character. Without it, you’ll find yourself swaying back and forth between the demands of others and the needs of yourself. That’s no way to live.

And that’s exactly why it’s so important to create an accountability mindset. It’s tough at first. You have to really look at who you are. You have to be willing to admit when you’re not making good choices or performing well. But the rewards are well worth the effort.

If you put in the effort, you’ll grow your character and integrity while developing a solid sense of self. These things will leave you feeling at home in the world, no matter what circumstances surround you. In short, you will become a true leader.

So, are you ready to work for that reward? Is it time for you to reach deep within yourself and become a person with character? Is today the day you take that first step towards real leadership?

If so, contact us today and ask more about what Elemental Edge Training can do for you, your team, and your organization. We will help you bring out your best.

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